Automating Ixelles Appointment Checking

Automating Ixelles Appointment Checking

I made a small website to show the next available appointments at the Ixelles municipal office in Brussels, Belgium.


To get my residence permit I need two appointments. Unfortunately, the appointments are fully booked for months in advance. Fortunately, the government officials told me new slots open often, just keep an eye on the site. Unfortunately, it takes several slow clicks to see the times for the types of appointment I'm interested in.


Make a small site to scrape the appointments and show them without any clicks.


Use Distill, a free extension, to get desktop notifications when dates change. A bit easier than setting up notifications via the Notifications Web API.

I also shared this with friends going through the same process so setting up some other notification system (like email) would be a bit more work than I wanted.



My Webpage


Process to check time slots on municipal website