Fixing Free Mobile Roaming Connection

Fixing Free Mobile Roaming Connection

I use Free Mobile as my phone company in Europe. €19.99 for 35GB of roaming is a great deal since it works not only in Europe but much of the Americas, Asia, Australia and much more.

Anyway, I was poking around in my account setting trying to figure out how to stop Free from texting me every time I turn off airplane mode:

Messagerie "666" Free: le 06/12 à 11:49, ce correspondant a appelé 1 fois sur votre mobile sans laisser de message

It comes from different numbers so I can't just block it. If anyone knows how to stop these please let me know! Edit: I asked support and they said it can't be turned off.

The Problem

I was on the "my options page" and turned on "blocked plan" (Forfait bloqué) which says:

Activating this option will block all calls, SMS and MMS to special paid numbers as well as roaming and paid communications to and internationally or DROM-COM.

Oops, I didn't realize that would stop my roaming data from working right away...

When I got back on wifi I turned off that setting, rebooted, turned off my phone, waited a few hours, changed APN settings (I use these), etc. But ultimately I couldn't get any connection to the data that afternoon.

The Fix

Settings> Network & Internet > Sims (select my sim) > Turn off "Automatically select network"

In that list, most networks say something like "4G vodafone NL (forbidden)". I tapped it anyway. Then I connected to data without a problem. I went back and turned on auto select network again so I don't have any problems when I travel.