Urban Sustainability Transformation in St. Petersburg, Florida: the Final Final of Vienna

I just completed my final final for the Vienna semester of the 4CITIES Masters of Urban Studies. I am relieved. It has been a long way coming and the 3,500 words didn't come easy. The class was Urban Sustainability Transformations.

The paper felt a bit silly when it only looked at Civil Society Participation, Data Accessibility, and Drivers & Constraints. Those were the main aspects we (as a class) chose to assess but they don't feel like the best ones for St. Pete with its environmental and social challenges. However, found a way to work Racial Justice into the paper with literature from outside the class.

It wasn't so easy to find sources related to racial issues and urban processes. But I did find a few I liked:

Overall, I'm relatively happy with the paper and ultimately enjoyed the process of researching for it and finding some interesting papers along the way.

Now it's time to enjoy summer break :)

Update 11 July 2023: My friend Evan recommended another book